Senior Database Engineer

Job Overview

Senior Database Engineers are responsible to design the databases, design and review the database objects, review the database performance, design the ETL, design the OLAP databases. They make changes or get the changes made in designs or implementations where necessary, identified after reviews.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design the databases for various projects
  • Design and review the database objects
  • Design the indexes and review the index performances
  • Create filtered indexes, indexed views, and statistics to optimize queries
  • Review database performance by using DMVs and monitoring tools like profiler, extended events, and other third party tools
  • Convert slow queries to fast ones by implementing various approaches
  • Review the execution of scheduled jobs and identify errors if any and fix them
  • Design the ETL process and OLAP databases
  • Design dimensions in cubes and create complex measures
  • Implement SSIS projects and Linked servers to help data migration
  • Design the database backup schedule for different types of database backups
  • Analyze and Understand business requirements in detail
  • Work in Scrum/Kanban team environment to size and plan the requirements
  • Research on new technology and techniques for continuous improvement of the products

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT-related courses
  • Minimum 5 years of Database development experience (MySQL/MSSQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL)
  • Knowledge of database objects, ETL, OLAP
  • Knowledge of filtered indexes, indexed views, and statistics
  • Knowledge of SSIS
  • Knowledge of database backup and restore
  • Experience of query optimization and query debugging
  • Experience of using DMVs, profiler, and extended events
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Quick and self-learner
  • Critical thinking

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